Aut. Chain Tension

A Gentle and Flexible Solution

Constant optimum chain tension
The chain tension adjuster is developed to meet the increasing demand for reliability in service and to ensure low maintenance costs. The chain tension adjuster can be mounted on any existing model from type 33 to 200 H.
For new machines the chain tension adjuster is standard equipment.


Three units - one power module and two tensioning units - constitute this system.  
The power module distributes the pressure to the tensioning units, thus ensuring exactly the same pressure on both chains of the elevator.  
Furthermore, the power module holds some components for monitoring the pressure and signals any error in the system.  
The power module is installed close to the tension section of the elevator.

The tensioning units consist of one cylinder each, which are mounted at the sides of the tension section and are connected to the shaft.  
By way of a constant pressure on the chains, the cylinder will keep moving to maintain the optimum tensioning, even if the chains are opposed to heavy temperature fluctuations causing an extension.  
The cylinder will also compensate for any variation of the chain length.  


  • Intensified reliability in service
  • A constant optimum chain tension
  • Extended lifetime of chains
  • Low maintenance costs