Simatek Bulk Systems A/S offers a number of different bucket qualities meeting various requirement of the industry i.e. product features, physical conditions, temperature and sanitary requirements. Simatek elevator
buckets are divided in the following categories:

  • Injection moulded buckets in various plastic qualities: antistatic, detectable, food approved
  • Thermoformed buckets in various plastic qualities
  • Steel buckets in various steel qualities

Standard Buckets

Our standard buckets are produced in injection moulded plastic, with bucket overlap and an integrated gable ring for a mechanical, forced controlling system. 100 standard

Free Rotating Buckets (FRB)

Free rotating buckets are without overlap, with limited mechanical, forced controlling system and for the thermoformed version also with replaceable gables. Free rotating buckets are only used in connection with the Simatek drum feeding system (Continuous Batch Feeding System – CBFS) where the buckets are filled separately.  


Replaceable gables

When using Free Rotating Buckets with replaceable gables the maintenance costs will be reduced significantly.  

Bearing suspended buckets

FRB with bearing suspension is ideal for abrasive products. The closed and lubrication free bearing construction generates less friction and has a documented 40% power consumption reduction. Wear on the roller chain is basically eliminated when conveying with bearing suspended buckets.                


Split buckets

Split buckets are used for simultaneous conveying of two product types or qualities in the same elevator bucket. Split buckets may be a good solution for the sorting and separation processes where separated product fractions must be conveyed in the same elevator.