It is important for us to deliver a first class service to our customers.   Simatek Bulk Systems offers our customers a service agreement whereby specially trained service engineers carry out thorough maintenance to our universal elevators around the world.   Should you experience production breakdown on our elevators:
Call our 24-hour emergency telephone service: +45 5884 1699  
Our service engineers will either guide you on the phone or travel to your destination if needed. Even a short stoppage of production may cause serious downtime which is why we guarantee the quickest possible and optimal quality service.  

Agreement on regular service

Professionally serviced elevators maintained with original parts will result in very high reliability. Therefore, we recommend that Simatek Bulk Systems’ specially trained engineers attend to the servicing of your Simatek elevators to avoid serious operational breakdowns and unnecessary repair expenses. On our first visit we will jointly assess how frequently a service visit will be required.  
Advantages of a service agreement:

  • Breakdowns minimised
  • Regular service visits based on individual requirements
  • Regular servicing carried out by specially trained service engineers
  • 24-hour emergency telephone service
  • Increased machine longevity
  • Discount on current hourly rate
  • Discount on spare parts
  • On-going optimisation of machines and equipment
  • Detailed service report of each elevator once servicing is complete